Psychiatric Aide-Expert

Danville, PA

Posted: 08/17/2022 Job Number: 22-06385 Pay Rate ($): 21.0

Job Description

Psychiatric Aide-Expert

Pay Rate: $21 / hour

Psychiatric Aide Minimum Qualifications High School Diploma Role Description Nursing Process/Patient Care: • Uses age-specific, patient-centered Treatment Team approved approaches in patient interactions • Reports patient' s response to interventions to Registered Nurse • Assists/supervises/instructs patients in all activities of daily living (ADLs) e.G. Bathing, shampooing/combing hair, trimming nails, oral hygiene, eating, etc. • Performs ADLs for the patient, if patient is unable • Assesses patients' clothing and hygiene needs; dresses patients and /or assists patient in choosing clean, seasonally appropriate clothing • Reports changes in patients' conditions to the Registered Nurse • Turns or positions patients • Escorts patients on and off grounds • Monitors and supervises patients during program and leisure activities • Takes and records temperature, pulse, respirations and blood pressures; weighs patients • Uses standard precaution techniques, such as, but not limited to, handwashing, per policy • Assists with patient identification as needed Special Treatment Procedures: • Provides nursing care for the patient on suicide precautions, special levels of observation, mechanical and physical restraints per policy as directed by RN. • Responds to psychiatric emergencies, provides the patient(s) with individual instruction, assistance, support as needed and/or directed by RN. Observes and reports changes in patient behaviors to RN. Utilizes therapeutic verbal techniques/crisis intervention to address patient concerns and de-escalate behavior. Applies restraints as per policies and procedures as directed by RN. Emergencies/Medical interventions/Use of Medical Equipment: • Responds to medical emergencies, announces medical emergency, takes appropriate actions for which specifically trained. These could include cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), first aid, foreign body airway obstruction management, or other emergency treatment procedures. • Responds to disaster/emergencies, e.G., fires, earthquake, flood, hazardous materials incidents, utility interruptions or transportation accidents; follows basic emergency procedures as contained in agency policy/procedure. • Uses appropriate equipment properly and safely; reports malfunctioning and/or inaudible alarm systems with participation in Cord Con policy and procedure. G programs: Crisis Intervention, CPR, Fire Safety, Infection Control, Care of the Competency Maintenance Activities: • Attends and participates in ongoing agency mandatory, hospital and departmental training programs: Crisis Intervention, CPR, Fire Safety, Infection Control, Care of the Adult/Older Adult, Patient Rights, Patient Abuse, Drug-Free Work Place, Restraint Competency, Ligature Cutter Competency Right to Know, etc. • Attends in-services/training programs/completes computerized In-service Training as required. Able to access in-service training on computer. • Identifies personal training needs Oral and Written Communications: • Interacts with patients/families • Writes/prints legibly • Documents using only approved abbreviations • Reports/documents factual patient information to RN • Provides accurate and legible written work/incident related statements( witness statements) as required. • Completes patient accountability checks • Maintains confidentiality of patient information • Reports problems accurately using the chain of command • Reports/documents patient incidents and employee work related accidents to the Charge Nurse/Supervisor • Keeps conversations free from discriminatory, abusive or sexually harassing comments • Attends and participates in staff, committee, and improvement team meetings as assigned • Completes records/reports as assigned. Accesses nursing forms on computer and makes copies. Assignment Completion: • Checks Daily Assignment Sheet for work to be completed • Seeks clarification from the Registered Nurse • Organizes work to be done; sets priorities • Remains alert at all times and promotes patient safety by completing assignments in accordance with agency and Nursing polices/procedures • Reports problems and difficulties to the Charge Nurse • Participates in the nursing team effort by assisting coworkers Patients' Rights: • Acts as a patient advocate • Recognizes and protects the rights of adult and older adult patients • Identifies, describes, and reports patient abuse allegations to RN immediately. • Commits NO acts of patient abuse • Maintains confidentiality of patient and hospital information • Promotes a safe, therapeutic environment for patients Treats all patients with respect and dignity Employee Conduct: • Demonstrates professional conduct with coworkers/patients/visitors. • Demonstrates ethical behavior in the work place • Abides by the Governor' s Code of Conduct and Client Personnel Regulations, policies and procedures, and agency/Nursing policies and procedures • Adheres to scheduled work hours • Complies with sign in/out procedures with employees and patients. • Maintains acceptable work attendance • Adheres to established procedures for reporting off work in accordance with mandated time frames • Has no unexcused instance of failure to contact the immediate supervisor or designee to notify him/her of absence • Provides proper documentation of sick leave on the first day of work following the absence as required by established policy. If not produced on date of return for a valid reason, a firm date when it will be produced must be established and follow-up action taken accordingly. (Reference Client Manual Section 7173.3b.2.A) • Establishes a record of prudent/sensible paid leave use which does not show evidence of any discernible pattern or documented instance of failure to comply with Section 7173, Controlling Absenteeism, Time and Sick Leave Abuse • Reports all work-related accidents to RN immediately. • Complies with leave/time request procedures Performs Other Related Duties within Level of Responsibility as Assigned SUPPORTIVE ACTIVITIES: A. This position is responsible for the direct delivery of basic nursing care which consists of the elements physical care, procedural treatment, and psychosocial care. 1. The duties associated with physical care consist of: a. Makes rounds and counts patients. B. Assists patients with grooming, washing and bathing. C. Assists patients with oral hygiene and denture care as needed. D. Assists patients to select an appropriate, well-coordinated outfit of clothing. E. Assists patients with ambulation and exercise of their extremities and encourages and teaches patients to get the proper physical exercise. F. Assists with procedures for patients being admitted to the hospital. G. Assists with the transfer of patients. H. Awakens patients and assists with activities of daily living. I. Renders physical care in accordance with the patients' Interdisciplinary Treatment Plan and agency Policies and Procedures. 2. The duties associated with procedural treatment consist of: a. Administers basic nursing treatments such as unmediated soaks, warm and cold compresses and simple dressings. B. Performs skills of obtaining vital signs and weight. Reports abnormal findings to RN. C. Administers first-aid measures. D. Collects specimens such as urine, feces, and sputum. 3. The duties associated with psychosocial care consist of: a. Interacts with patients on a one-to-one basis and actively participates in the development of therapeutic relationships between patients and staff. B. Responds to the psychiatric needs of patients including specialized psychiatric nursing therapies such as: 1) Crisis intervention techniques 2) Restraints 3) Suicide Risk Precautions. 4) Protective Devices 5) Special Level of Observation c. Provides input to the Interdisciplinary Treatment Team. D. Treats patients with dignity and respect. F. Responds to the patient' s psychosocial needs in accordance with the ITP. B. This position is responsible to implement and adhere to strict infection control practices during the delivery of all aspects of patient care and in carrying out all assigned duties. 1. The duties associated with Infection Control consist of: a. Practices proper personal hygiene techniques such as thorough hand washing and hand sanitization. B. Performs light housekeeping duties and replenishes supplies. C. Transports, folds and stores clean linen. D. Assures that patients have and utilize adequate personal supplies. E. Cleans treatment supply cabinets and refrigerators. F. Disinfects unit emergency equipment. G. Monitors refrigerator temperature. C. This position is responsible to complete all required documentation on the patient record, as well as all other forms and reports as assigned. D. This position is responsible to provide communication through prompt and complete reporting to the Charge Nurse. E. This position is responsible to contribute to expansion of job knowledge and maintenance of competency. The duties associated with the expansion include attending and participating in: 1. Staff meetings. 2. Mandatory educational programs. 3. Assigned committee meetings. 4. Assigned out-service programs. 5. Mandatory Annual Trainings

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